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      If you think it best, I will, she said. Whatever we do, dont let us waste time here.He was feeling so comfortable now that he scarcely wished for Mrs Keelings entry. Alices earnest eyes, so he told himself (thereby revealing his ignorance of psychology) were dim with the perception of this fine interrogation. He was being wonderful, as he had so often been before, and the perception of that would surely fill her soul with the altruistic glee that possessed himself. He began, in the sense of personal security which this gave him, to get a little incautious. He did not wait for her acceptance of the prodigious doctrine that nothing you get matters to the problematical getter, but construed his own sense of security into her acquiescence.

      I fancy Lord Inverbroom does, he replied, secretly praising himself for his remarkable ingenuity.It was comforting to remember that, and Alice saw wonder and wistful pensiveness steal into the reflection of her face. There was the girl who would upset all his convictions about a celibate clergy; indeed, he had said that he did not think it morally wrong for them to marry. It was a case of the thin end of the wedge again, not this time of the Pope, but of Benedick, the married man.

      Good-evening, Miss Propert, he said. I want you, if you will, to leave your work now, and come into the drawing-room to talk to my wife and daughter for a few minutes, while I ring for a cab for you. It is snowing hard.

      Bless me, to imagine your having come in while I was so busy thinking about what I had been reading that I never heard the door open, she said, hastily picking up the book which had fallen face downwards on the floor. Well, Im sure its time for tea. How the evenings draw in! But there are unpleasanter things than a muffin and a chat by the fire when alls said and done.

      What if you have to? she asked, smiling.

      Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.Your brother has often been very useful to me in my collecting, he said, with a hint of{93} employer still lingering in his attitude towards him.


      Alices smart red dress was good enough for a purely domestic dinner, and she sat down again by the fire when her mother had bewailed herself out of the room. She had got her way there, and that was a relief; she was Mr Silverdales Helper again, and that was a glow that had penetrated her very bones. When she wrote the little baby-note to him, she felt that if only she was granted such a welcome back as had been conveyed to her down the telephone, she would swoon with happiness. But already that which she thirsted for was dust in her mouth, like Dead Sea apples. She guessed that his little caresses and whispers had meant so much to her because she took them to be the symbols of so much more. Now she{228} knew better, they were without meaning. And the measure of her disillusionment may be taken from the fact that independently of all that had happened, she was glad that there would be no chance of his coming to Brighton. She wanted him to love her, and failing that, she did not want the little tokens that had made her think he did. He might just remain in Bracebridge and dab away at Julia if he wished, provided only that he meant nothing whatever by it. She did not love him a whit the less, but just now she did not want him whose presence for these last six months had filled her with sunshine. She must go away into the dark, and see what the dark felt like. And poor Alice, sitting by the fire in her smart red dress, began to make the most extraordinary faces in efforts at self-control. But the convulsions in her throat threatened to master her completely, and with bitten, quivering lips she ran to her room, and burst into tears.


      Yes, sir. I think shell come and live here{45} with me, said he. Shes got work in London, but I dont want her to live there alone.I remember. Stupid, insipid sort of thing. I never could make out why you recommended me to buy it.


      Evensong at half-past! he said. Blow evensong! There!